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Our Services

Pre-demolition photo of Colony Square

What We Do

jobsiteDOCS is a local company offering photography services specifically for the construction industry.

Current services: 360 (Spherical) progress photos, high resolution interior & exterior stills, StructionSite & PlanGrid Content, and

Trusted Google Street View.

Coming Soon:  UAV Aerial Inspections

(FAA Licensed)

Photography as Documentation

In any situation, a photograph is truly worth a thousand words.  Imagine being able to go back in time and see any phase of the construction as it was installed.  This slice of time is what jobsiteDOCS can provide you. 

In a construction and development environment, a photograph can also show you what you can't see. As construction proceeds, it documents what exists behind walls, under flooring and behind doors.

How it Benefits You

Scheduled progress photos of a jobsite throughout its lifecycle is perfect for communicating what has been done and what still needs to be done.  It is particularily useful to determine what may be hidden from view, thereby eliminating the need to demolish existing structures for location purposes.  

We recommend using StuctionSite with our service to provide "x-ray" style integration of plan sheets and progress photos.

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